Welcome to Ranchi Regional Development Authority

     Modern history of Ranchi started way back in 1834 when the first Agent of Western Frontier Agency, Captain Wilkinson selected Kishunpur village as his headquarter. Present JPSC office was selected by him as his residential office. In due course of time Kishunpur developed to be the modern Ranchi City, presently Capital of Jharkhand State.

     Ranchi Regional Development Authority (RRDA), previously Ranchi Improvement Trust (RIT), was established in 1976, for consolidated and balanced development of Ranchi within its controlled area as per the Master Plan. To control the haphazard and dangerous trend of urbanization and planned way for construction of Building as per the Town Planning Standards, is the primary duty of the Authority. To provide Physical and social amenities to the citizen within the controlled area is also the duty of the Authority viz. road, drains, water-supply, electric supply, transport, health, education, community development, stadium, park, playground, theatre, etc. Demolition of unauthorised construction and encroachment is also the responsibility of the Authority for balanced urban life.